Growing up with a grandmother who practiced Hilot, the ancient Filipino art of hands on healing which involves intuition and massage techniques, Michelle embraced alternative modalities to healing which led her to explore various techniques in providing healings to others. Michelle started developing her skills by using LifeWave patches to help relieve fatigue and pain. Through her involvement with LifeWave, Michelle came across a webinar hosted by Dr. Karen Kan and the use of LifeWave patches in a new technique developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson called the Emotion Code.

Michelle was fascinated with the use of muscle testing to identify trapped emotions contributing to physical and emotional pain and being able to release them. After thousands of hours using the Emotion Code on herself, family and friends, Michelle honed her skills in providing long distance healing techniques known as Proxy healings.


In the summer of 2015, Michelle crossed paths with Paul Marwood and Holly Hawkins-Marwood, owners of Soul Genesis where she trained to become a Certified Akashic Records Reader.


Fast forward to Fall 2016 and Michelle found herself at the door of Intuitive Insights where she was able to add clairvoyance to her skillset of healing techniques. A graduate of several programs, Michelle has developed an ability to create a safe environment for individuals seeking a healing from physical and emotional pain. She is able to hold space energetically during the healings to support each person to release what is holding them back, discover individual strengths and overall goals.


In early 2017, Michelle launched the Providence Healing Studio located in Mission Valley and has been enjoying every moment healing, learning and having extraordinary experiences with the people she has had the opportunity to have in her life.


As a 'regular' person, Michelle serves the community as a Civil Servant protecting the community and environment through the monitoring and enforcement of environmental compliance. Her academic background is in Industrial Hygiene and has been working with a local enforcement agency for over 20 years.

Stay tuned for additional services being added to the practice. Michelle is developing a coaching program that will help you develop your own intuition to achieve your life goals.

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