There are times in our lives when we become a caretaker for another human being or become a 'parent to furry faced kids'.
When it comes to healing your beloved, the Practitioner would be able to connect through you to your beloved to identify and complete the same processes as described on the 'What to Expect' page. If the beloved being healed is unable to speak or give some kind of acknowledgement or permission, the Practitioner will ask for permission at a spiritual level to ensure that the healing is not being forced upon them. In the event that the beloved does not want a healing, we can focus on how we can heal you to help your beloved. Although this may be straight forward, we strictly abide by ethical behavior...would you want anyone to be able to come in and do energy work on you without permission? 
Options to do a healing for your beloved outside of the Studio, the Caretaker can:
  • Come to the Studio with a photograph of your beloved
  • Conduct a distance healing over the phone/online