Growth/Processing Periods

Energy work can impact your energetic body because we  are literally looking for blocks or other energies that is not yours and releasing it. When we remove energies that are not our own from our space it leaves a void where the energy and spiritual body has to heal and reorganize the space to regain its balance.


As this is going on, you may feel a little different, good or bad. This is often referred to as your Growth or Processing Period. 


The good news is that you may not notice or experience any changes at all or you may even feel light-hearted and wonderful, but as  responsible Practitioners, we think it's better to bring it to your attention and to be aware just in case.  


Some may be:

  • Feeling out of sorts

  • More loving

  • Happier and a sense of joy from within yourself

  • Changes in your sleeping pattern, most often more sleep

  • Vivid dreams

  • Emotional ups & downs

  • Major decluttering, cleaning or purging of your living areas

  • Not being 'triggered' by negativity

  • Calmness

  • Focus

  • Clarity




Here are some things that will help you through your growth/processing period:

  • Drink lots of good quality water,

  • Eat as healthy and as clean as possible

  • Get lots of rest

  • Most importantly, don't be hard on yourself

    • You did some amazing work and you may have some raw feelings after a session and as you process the energy shifts