Group Healing

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When Providence Healing Studio was operating out of a brick and mortar office, FREE group healings were offered to visitors and clients by writing names on a piece of paper and leaving it in a healing jar provided. This is now being offered virtually by submitting name(s) in the form below.

How do I get a healing for myself or loved ones?

Using the form below, provide a single name or a list of names...don't forget yourself. 

How does this work?

Names submitted will be included in a group healing using a specific healing modality to clear and  the release of any energetic/spiritual blocks that may be contributing to emotional, physical and/or spiritual challenges. This healing is done while Michelle is in meditation and performing the group healing modality. You will not be called or emailed, this is a Proxy healing, meaning, the healing offered is without your participation.

What's the catch?

No catch. This is a truly FREE service as a gift back to the community, regardless of where you are in the world. Notice that your information is not being collected because this is truly a healing gift from us to the community.

How do I know that this is working?

Check out the Growth/Processing page for some commonly reported observations from clients.

When are these group healings happening?

Currently this will be done monthly. If you would like to know when these are happening, sign up to subscribe for notifications, updates and future events.