In Person vs. Phone/Online vs. Proxy

When it comes to healing, your location does not matter, however, we recommend that you come to the Studio to ensure that you are in a dedicated space where you can focus on your intentions for the session. The Studio is setup for privacy of your session and is in a stress-free, spa like environment to allow you to get into a mental state of relaxation and openness.
For over the phone and online appointments, we request that you are in a space where you are able to be fully engaged in your session. We recommend that you are in a comfortable and relaxed space where you will not be interrupted and are free from distractions. You are investing time and money into your well-being and we want to get the most out of our time together. 
Proxy appointments are primarily for Emotion Code healing sessions. How a proxy works is the Healer will connect to the requestor upon permission and can connect to the requestor at a subconscious and spiritual level. This allows the requestor and the healer to work together without being together or connected via phone or online. This is ideal for those that would like a healing and is not in San Diego or even in the US and provides flexibility when it comes to healing Emotional blockages which allows you to go about your day. Once the Healer has completed the session, a PDF of your session notes will be sent to you via email.