What happens in a sound healing/bath?

A sound bath is a way to provide and receive sound healing. Typically, this can be done as a group or individually (One-on-One) and you are FULLY CLOTHED. These sessions can be held indoors or outdoors, either lying down or comfortably seated. The bottom line is to be comfortable, be ready to receive with an open heart and mind.

The Practitioner and instruments will be set up in one area of the room or outdoor space. Each Practitioner is different, some will guide you through a meditation to get you prepared for the sound bath and some will provide some information about the benefits of sound healing or about the instruments being used for that session, often an intention is shared with the group for the healing session.

Often, the Practitioner will be seated as the sound bath begins. In a group setting, some Practitioners will walk through the crowd and use a specific healing instrument to play over the energetic bodies of each individual to add personalized healing. In a One-on-One healing session, this is highly individualized healing and the Practitioner can work with you on what you would like to focus on if there is something specific that you would like to work on.

If you are new to sound healing or sound baths, here are a few tips and etiquette guidance to help you be comfortable with attending your first sound bath:

  • Arrive 10 - 15 minutes early so you can get yourself settled and the sound bath can be started on time. Once the event starts it is disruptive to everyone there if someone arrives late.

  • Dress in comfortable, layered clothing. You may get hot, or cold.

  • Bring a mat, blanket, bolster, eye pillow/mask and anything else you need to be comfortable laying on the floor. If you are unable to lay on the floor, please bring your own seating.*

  • The Practitioner may provide hearing protection because protecting your hearing is important. Its also suggested to be prepared by bringing your own hearing protection in case none is provided to you.

  • Arrive clean and free of cologne, perfume, or strong essential oil scents.

  • Turn your cell phone off (not on vibrate) and leave it in the cubby.

  • Do not touch the sound bath instruments (even if you are super curious).

  • Do not talk during the sound bath.

  • Do not drink alcohol or use drugs before or during the sound bath.

  • If you are prone to snoring, consider sitting or lying in a way that will prevent you from going in to deep and allowing a good experience for your fellow receivers. You may be nudged gently if you are found to be snoring.

  • If you are sitting next to someone snoring, please help others by gently nudging that person to stop the snoring.

*COVID precautions: Most venues are not providing mats, blankets, pillows, etc. don't forget your face mask and be mindful of social distancing.