How many sessions can/should I do?

The number of sessions is completely up to you. Depending on the modality, we may be able to address what you need in one (1) session, however, if what you prioritize for healing is significant, we may need more than one (1). Keep in mind that as part of a holistic approach, the recommendation is consistent healings to get to the core of what you need to release.

How can I tell if I need more?

This is something that you will have to decide for yourself. For your initial session, we recommend that you give yourself time for the energy to work through your system and to really evaluate how the session helped. You may want to check in with your own intuition and see if you would benefit from additional sessions or not. We are here to support your growth.

How often can I book a session?

Depending on the modality, it can be as often as you feel comfortable with.


However, occasionally the physical body needs to catch up to the work we did and may have adverse reactions to the energy releasing. Check our Processing/Growth period page for more information on what to expect and how to minimize the effects if you experience any.

When using the Emotion Code, the Healer will check to see if you can receive additional healings and how long between sessions you should wait before another one.

Keep in mind that when we do this kind of work, we are growing, even if it is a slight change - you are still growing as a person.

How do I know this is working or even worked?

The changes you experience may be very subtle or may be significant. Things that others have experienced have been:

  • No longer obsessing over a situation, action or thought

  • Feel more in control of their situation, mind or body

  • Able to recognize opportunities being given to them

  • Have more energy

  • Physically feel lighter

  • Laugh more

  • Want to connect with people

  • Being open to give or accept apologies for past wrongs

  • Making decisions

  • Physical pain decreasing or is eliminated

  • People commenting on change but not being able to put their finger on it

  • Being able to sleep through the night

  • People don't bother/irritate you as much

  • You are less annoying to others and/or vice versa - people don't annoy you as much or at all

  • You are able to address what you feared

  • You are able to make that career change

  • You are able to accept things for what they are

  • You do things that you haven't done in ages that makes you happy, like sing or dance

  • You smile more

  • Able to purge material items that no longer serve how you want to live life today

  • More appreciative and grateful for the things that you DO have in your life