Sound Healing - Donation Based Offering

For the next few weeks and while obtaining Sound Healing Practitioner Certification, this 15 minute healing session is being offered to you in exchange for a donation. The intention is to use funds raised through this healing session to purchase additional healing equipment and instruments.

Ultimately, sharing the same physical space with the healing instruments brings the most healing benefit so that the physical body can experience the vibrations being emitted from the instruments. While most of us are working remotely, this session can still provide healing benefits.

Please feel free to share if you found this session beneficial


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Sound Healing information will be coming to you through the 'LEARN' page. The intention is to provide some of the science and explanation of this healing modality as well as the benefits and empowering you to create your own practice into your life.

Sound healing, alternatively known as Sound Therapy or Vibrational Medicine, is the practice of using sound and frequency for relaxation and facilitating healing using various instruments such as gongs, singing bowls (crystal or Tibetan), drums and chimes. Sound healing can reduce your stress and anxiety,  improve your sleep, create a deep sense of wellbeing, and promote healing that goes well beyond simple relaxation. Private and group sound bath offerings is the intention with this healing modality.

Appointments will be based on safety protocols amid the COVID Pandemic

Sound Healing Tools

Thank you for your generosity!! 
Contributions made to PHS through donations provided additional funding to help purchase tools for the energy medicine bag.
Antique Singing Bowls - Buddhist Gong - Wave/Ocean Drum
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