What is Energy/Spiritual Healing?

You can do an internet search and you will find many blogs, articles and resources about each of these topics.

The way that we like to explain what we do is that energy and spiritual healing is a hands-off healing method where the Practitioner will enter a light meditative state and uses intuition to identify blockages, resistance or stagnation causing physical or emotional pain.


Once identified, we start to peel the layers of blockages like an onion through various healing techniques and energetic tools to open up channels that may be keeping you stuck emotionally, physically and/or spiritually. 

The goal is to free you from these energy blockages taking up valuable space in your mind, body and spirit. By releasing energy that is not yours and replenishing these voids with your life force energy, you are able to create the things you want to experience in life. 

Imagine what you can experience in life free of parental programming, free from the guilt of choices you made, free from the experiences that have kept you in fear or holding you back. Imagine a life where you are free to go after that career, create your ideal relationships with your support system, be an energetic match to the love you want...just imagine for a moment being unburdened by the past, no longer feeling stuck with nowhere to go, no longer being fearful or unhappy - what would you do? How would you live your life?

What if I am under the care of a Medical Professional?

If you have concerns, please discuss with your medical professional. Your well-being is our priority, please make sure that you are comfortable with our services prior to booking.


The wonderful thing about Energy and Spiritual healing is that many people use these modalities as a complement to health services or medical treatments to synergize (or multiply) its effects and enhance your recovery.


The example we like to use to describe how this is complementary is when you get a professional carpet cleaning:

When you call for a carpet cleaning service, you remove all of the furniture first (your energy/spiritual healing), then get your carpets cleaned and dried (your medical treatment) and then you move everything back in. You may even choose to rearrange the furniture (follow up energy/spiritual work) to show off your clean carpets or create a new environment.