What to Expect in a Healing Session

How to prepare
To prepare for your healing session, remember that this is for your highest good and you must have an open mind and an open heart to receive the most out of your healing.
For energetic and spiritual healing, we choose to work with you as a team member and we move at your pace with the intention of alignment and balance. At any point in the session, we may pause or stop all together.
Here are some things that will help you get the most of your session:
  • Please refrain from using recreational  substances, including alcohol, within 24 hours of your session.
  • It is helpful to have your top 5 healing requests jotted down with their priority to ensure that you have clear intention with what you would like to get out of your healing.
  • Please drink plenty of water prior to your session to ensure that your energy is primed for movement within your physical body
  • For in person sessions, the Studio can be chilly, it is recommended that you dress in layers for optimal comfort
  • For phone or online sessions, please ensure that you have a good cell/phone connection and that you are in a dedicated space where you will not be interrupted. Remember, that this is time that you are investing in yourself.
What is the Session like
Each session will be different, however, the work that we will be doing is always without judgement and safe to ensure that we are realigning your energetic space. Regardless of the modality used, we identify and release energy that is not yours and no longer serves your highest good. 
During our session many experience repeated yawning which is an indication that energy is moving through your space and rebalancing...If the release is significant, the Healer may also yawn - a great indication that significant energy is moving through you.
As your energetic space is realigning and throughout the healing process, you may have an emotional release, most of our clients report feel emotionally lighter, like a weight has been lifted, some cry and may continue to cry over several days as you settle into your new spiritual and emotional freedom. You are encouraged to take a look at the Growth/Processing Period page for more information.
The Healing
It is not a coincidence that you have been drawn to certain practitioners or to the Providence Healing Studio. We believe that there is a reason why you are seeking services through the Studio and we are excited to help you get back to life aligned, balanced and with new clarity.
We would like to help clear your space to allow you to fulfill your life goals  by ridding you of energy blocking you. If you are ready  to take a deep look and support your overall well-being - Providence Healing Studio is the place you are seeking.
To be absolutely clear, we do not involve ourselves in your decisions. As a human being, you make decisions and choices under your own free will and for your highest good. We are respectful and compassionate, however, we may be direct in our sessions in order for you to get a clear picture and the healing.

We have invested several years in training to provide meaningful and purposeful healings. If you are a skeptic, unable to have an open mind/heart, want to know the winning lottery numbers...we may not be compatible energetically and you may be better off seeking services elsewhere.