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Photo of Michelle Price playing singing bowls

About the Owner
Michelle S. Price

Helping people identify and release energetic blocks as a complement to their overall wellness plan using meditation, coaching, energy and sound healing.

Growing up with a grandmother who practiced Hilot, the ancient Filipino art of hands on healing which involves intuition and massage techniques, she embraced alternative modalities to healing which led her to explore various techniques in providing healings to herself and others.

Michelle has developed the ability to create a safe environment for individuals and groups seeking relaxation, learn energy tools and techniques to relieve stress, and heal from physical or emotional pain. She is grateful and humbled with the ability to hold space energetically during healings to support each person to release what is holding them back, discover individual strengths, become more resilient, and achieve their overall personal and professional goals.

Since launching Providence Healing Studio, she has enjoyed every opportunity she has had meeting people through community events, individual and group healings, and hopes that she has the honor of supporting you on your life path.

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